local suppliers

We source as much of our food as possible from local suppliers and producers. This way we can guarantee freshness and quality, as well as supporting the local economy and minimising 'food miles'. Below is a selection:

Golden Valley Meats - Grosmont: Provide us with beef, lamb, duck, poultry & other meats, all locally reared from Herefordshire farms.

Country Flavours - Preston on Wye: Supply us with high quality free-range eggs & preserves, all produced on their own farms.

Muddy Knees - Much Dewchurch: Make our delicious and popular crunchy granola for our breakfast guests.

Rowlestone Court - Rowlestone: Make farmhouse ice cream using milk from cows grazed in their own meadows. No artificial additives, no 'E' numbers, just pure natural ingredients.

Lay & Robson - Wormbridge: From a smokehouse in the next door village, Lay & Robson, our nearest supplier, provide us with smoked Scottish salmon and other smoked fish of the highest quality. 

M&J Seafoods - Circencester: All our fresh fish is supplied by this well known fishmongers

Black Mountain Mineral Water - Longtown: Provide us with Celtic Vale Mineral Water, bottled from an artesian spring, where the rolling hills of Herefordshire meet the mountains of Wales.