keen to be green

The Kilpeck Inn could well be the most environmentally friendly pub in the UK. We have insulated the entire building to the highest standards and the double glazing in every window is to the highest 'U' values. The heating is underfloor and is powered in winter by a wood pellet boiler which burns in concentrated bursts and heats a large hot water accumulator tank which in turn circulates hot water through the embedded pipe work. In summer, solar heating panels on the roof should provide all the hot water for normal consumption but an underground LPG gas tank and small gas boiler provide backup.

All the restaurant WC's are flushed with water from a rainwater recovery system. Every electrical appliance has been chosen from the top 25% EC efficiency bracket. The lighting has a high percentage of low energy fittings where appropriate and sensors ensure minimum use. We try to source as much of our food and drink as locally as possible. All our paper and cleaning products have been selected to be ecologically sound and our waste is sorted for recycling.